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Our Services

There are many ways Goldstone Realty Partners can help you.

Our Services

Location & Site Selection Advisory

Goldstone Realty Partners through its parent firm, Goldstone Consulting Group, LLC uses a three-phase approach to evaluating and selecting a location or site for its clients.

Phase 1

Through a process that includes the client’s executive and management team Goldstone Consulting Group works to determine the vision and the needs of the company.  Together we determine the target market based on a set of parameters then collect relevant data and review the viability of the market.

Phase 2

After careful consideration of the various target markets, an in-market visit is conducted to further evaluate the market’s viability.  Site evaluations are conducted followed by preparing a competitive analysis of each community and site to select the optimum location.

Phase 3

The client’s executive team conducts in-person market evaluation to determine the finial site for the project.  Due diligence of the site completed as a portion of site acquisition. Incentive negotiations are conducted leading to the announcement of the project in the community.

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Tenant Representation

Our tenant representation service assists a wide variety of corporate clients in multiple industries in locating and securing facilities to aide in their business operations.

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Landlord Representation

Recruiting new quality tenants can be a daunting task for the landlord.  Goldstone Realty Partners is a trusted partner of commercial and industrial property owners in identifying and secure quality tenants.

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Clients wanting to add various types of real estate to either a corporate or individual investment portfolio can find the services needed to complete such transactions through Goldstone Realty Partners.  Based on client approved parameters our team will work to locate options that meet desired goals.

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Goldstone Realty Partners has the ability to support companies and investors with the disposal of underutilized facilities or real estate that no longer meets the goals of the organizational strategy.

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